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Using Conventional Medicine to Treat Skin Problems, by Dr. Mark DeBruin of DeBruin Medical Center

Conventional medicine, also called allopathy or Western medicine, is the type that is usually practiced in an American general or family-practice office. Unlike Eastern (or alternative) medicine, which typically uses medicinal herbs to treat illness, doctors who use conventional medicine treat illness using drugs or surgery.

Conventional medicine can also be used to address certain skin problems. Years ago, patients who were unhappy with their skin’s appearance as they aged didn’t have very many options. But things have changed, and today, patients interested in seeing significant positive results without surgical intervention have several choices to consider.

Botox, a prescription medicine that is injected into facial muscles to temporarily improve the look of frown lines, is a popular solution for patients interested in softening facial lines. Injectable dermal fillers have also grown in popularity and use. They work by plumping the skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

In practice for more than 22 years, Dr. Mark DeBruin owns and operates DeBruin Medical Center in Orangevale, California. He practices conventional medicine and offers several services, such as skin care, medical weight management, minor surgical procedures, and spinal manipulation.