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Preparing for Your Child’s Sports Physical

In the U.S., virtually every state requires some kind of medical screening for all students who want to participate in sports. To streamline the process of completing your child’s pre-participation physical, take the following steps:

– Review your family’s medical history. Doctors who perform sports physicals typically ask about a family’s history of illnesses. While some paperwork can be filled out at home, it is best to have this information on hand if you plan to fill out forms at the doctor’s office.
– Review your child’s medical history. Pertinent information includes medical conditions, current medications, past injuries, and allergies to food, insect bites, and medications. The doctor also might ask about specific symptoms your child may have experienced during physical exertion in the past.
– Keep safety in mind. The goal of the sports physical is to ensure that your child is healthy enough to participate in a sport. Be sure to answer all questions honestly and completely, because failing to do so could put your child’s health at risk.

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