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Choosing LipoLaser Treatment at DeBruin Medical Center

At Orangevale, California’s DeBruin Medical Center, Dr. Mark DeBruin offers clients conventional and community care medicine. Recently, Dr. DeBruin added a laser center to his facility, and he now provides state-of-the-art cosmetic LipoLaser treatments. Moreover, he has the only Yolo Curve LipoLaser in Sacramento, representing the lastest in LipoLaser technology

Using the Yolo Curve LipoLaser, Dr. DeBruin performs noninvasive body contouring and spot fat reduction at his office, The nonsurgical procedures result in no pain or downtime. The semi-conducting, low-intensity, four-paddle diode laser enables clients to get the results they want from liposuction without the pain or recovery time, and with a substantially reduced risk. With the new LipoLaser, patients undergo 30-minute sessions, rather than 40 to 50 minutes with the old technology. Patients can reduce their waist size by more than two inches. The device functions by heating fat cells through the skin until they release their fatty acids, glycerol, and water into the bloodstream. After losing these elements, the fat cells shrink.

When undergoing LipoLaser treatments, doctors recommend ingesting detox and cleanse products and exercising for at least a half-hour three times per week. On the day of the session, patients should drink lots of water before and after each treatment. They should also refrain from eating any food two hours prior to and subsequent to the appointment.

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