Laser Therapy is Effective at Reducing Waist Fat

Among the several outpatient services available at DeBruin Medical Center is the LipoLaser System. This low-level laser therapy uses innovative technology to decrease unwanted belly fat. LipoLaser, a proven form of cosmetic therapy, is offered to both patients and non-patients of DeBruin Medical Center. Among the many benefits of non-invasive laser procedures are quick recovery times, minimal side effects, and visible results.

Unlike some cosmetic interventions, LipoLaser’s efficacy has been proven in a peer-reviewed, scientific journal. In a 2011 article entitled “Efficacy of Low-Level Laser Therapy for Body Contouring and Spot Fat Reduction” in the journal Obesity Surgery, the LAPEX 2000 LipoLaser System led to both safe and significant reductions of stomach fat for the study subjects. Over the course of eight treatments during a four-week period, the 20 participants in the active group lost over two centimeters of waist girth.

In addition to the objective improvements of weight loss, those involved in this research reported a substantial cosmetic improvement in the way they looked and felt. The LipoLaser System at DeBruin offers cumulative and sustainable body contouring that is safe, proven, and effective.


Our Approach to Weight Loss Management

ImageIn addition to family medical care, which includes newborn/child care, general medicine, health care for women, and sports-related medicine, the DeBruin Medical Center offers nontraditional services through the DeBruin Laser Center and Weight Management Programs.

We view serious weight gain and obesity as chronic illnesses, treating them accordingly, Our two-pronged approach of weight loss and weight loss management provides patients with effective tools, lifestyle re-education, and strong support, all of which are necessary for continued maintenance.

Our comprehensive programs focus on nutrition, fitness, and motivation to help patients reach their weight goals. Medical weight management tools are considered only when necessary. Instead, we focus on reestablishing eating habits, teaching patients how to balance proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and how to complement wholesome foods with nutritional supplements.

Regular fitness routines soon become a part of everyday life. The program enables patients to receive generous discounts with a personal fitness trainer at a local studio. This superior attention to detail, exceptional patient education and a commitment to health form the toolset we use to help ensure success. For more information, contact Debra at 916.792.4347.

Preparing for Your Child’s Sports Physical

In the U.S., virtually every state requires some kind of medical screening for all students who want to participate in sports. To streamline the process of completing your child’s pre-participation physical, take the following steps:

– Review your family’s medical history. Doctors who perform sports physicals typically ask about a family’s history of illnesses. While some paperwork can be filled out at home, it is best to have this information on hand if you plan to fill out forms at the doctor’s office.
– Review your child’s medical history. Pertinent information includes medical conditions, current medications, past injuries, and allergies to food, insect bites, and medications. The doctor also might ask about specific symptoms your child may have experienced during physical exertion in the past.
– Keep safety in mind. The goal of the sports physical is to ensure that your child is healthy enough to participate in a sport. Be sure to answer all questions honestly and completely, because failing to do so could put your child’s health at risk.

About DeBruin Medical Center

Founded by Dr. Mark DeBruin, the Center provides medical care for the entire family. Services offered include newborn and pediatric care, immunizations, and physicals for sports and other purposes.

An Overview of Bioidentical Hormones, Presented by DeBruin Medical Center

Bioidentical hormones are available for use in hormone replacement therapy, which some women receive before, during, or after menopause. These hormones get their name from the fact that they are chemically identical to the hormones naturally produced in women’s bodies.

Bioidentical hormones came onto the market as women looked for ways to minimize the symptoms of menopause (including hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness) with as few unpleasant side effects as possible. Prior to the introduction of bioidentical hormones, hormone replacement therapy included hormones that were similar to (but still chemically different from) those naturally produced in the human body.

Derived from wild yams and soy plants, bioidentical hormones are prescribed either in set doses or in customized blends designed to meet each woman’s specific hormone needs. Some doctors prescribe doses that attempt to mimic natural hormonal fluctuations in the body, while others prescribe steady doses.

About DeBruin Medical Center

Headed by Dr. Mark DeBruin, who has been practicing for more than 22 years, the Center offers a variety of medical services, including weight management programs, spinal manipulation, bioidentical hormone therapy, and other women’s health treatments.

Using Conventional Medicine to Treat Skin Problems, by Dr. Mark DeBruin of DeBruin Medical Center

Conventional medicine, also called allopathy or Western medicine, is the type that is usually practiced in an American general or family-practice office. Unlike Eastern (or alternative) medicine, which typically uses medicinal herbs to treat illness, doctors who use conventional medicine treat illness using drugs or surgery.

Conventional medicine can also be used to address certain skin problems. Years ago, patients who were unhappy with their skin’s appearance as they aged didn’t have very many options. But things have changed, and today, patients interested in seeing significant positive results without surgical intervention have several choices to consider.

Botox, a prescription medicine that is injected into facial muscles to temporarily improve the look of frown lines, is a popular solution for patients interested in softening facial lines. Injectable dermal fillers have also grown in popularity and use. They work by plumping the skin, filling in fine lines and wrinkles.

In practice for more than 22 years, Dr. Mark DeBruin owns and operates DeBruin Medical Center in Orangevale, California. He practices conventional medicine and offers several services, such as skin care, medical weight management, minor surgical procedures, and spinal manipulation.

DeBruin Medical Center on Cosmetic Lipolaser Treatments

Increasingly, lipolaser treatments are becoming a popular option for busy professionals seeking spot fat reduction and body contouring. Lipolaser is a noninvasive procedure that uses a cold conductor to cause pores in the fat cell to release water, glycerol, and free fatty acids, thus shrinking the fat cell with no surgery. The process requires several visits to the doctor, with most people going three times per week for three weeks. There is no downtime and patients can resume normal activity as soon as they leave the office.

Through lipolaser, patients can expect to see results as early as the second or third treatment. The procedure is safe and can target specific areas of the body, leaving other areas untouched. In addition to body contouring and spot fat reduction, weight loss can be a secondary effect of lipolaser in many cases. Each visit takes about 30 minutes and can be done right in the doctor’s office.

About DeBruin Medical Center: Located in Orangevale, California, DeBruin Laser Center is a family medicine practice. With its lipolaser treatments, it offers one of the few medical weight-management programs available in the area.

DeBruin Medical Center with Keys to a Successful Weight Loss

Many people start a weight loss regimen and give up all too quickly. Here are some tips from DeBruin Medical Center’s weight management experts:

1. Eat a balanced diet: Make sure your diet comprises protein, fat, and carbohydrates. You should also ensure you are drinking enough water.

2. Include nutritional and food supplements: Ensure optimal health by taking vitamins and other supplements that will boost your health while avoiding superfluous calories.

3. Exercise: Of course, one of the key components to any weight loss plan is exercise. Try to incorporate daily exercise into your life.

4. Education: Learn more about effective weight loss programs. DeBruin Medical Center offers one of the few MEDICAL weight management programs around. The program provides sound guidance on nutrition, supplements, fitness routines, and medications as necessary, as well as ongoing support and encouragement.

More about DeBruin Medical Center: Based in Orangevale, California, the center offers both conventional and cosmetic medical services.